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Waltham Forest No2 Data

Unfortunately the data used in the 2019 Air quality Status report is incorrect. The data tables in the report for the measured values do not match the Annual figures or the 2018 Status report figures

The locations are correct but only the data up to 2018 is correct.

Here is an interactive map of the Diffusion tubes and Automatic monitoring sites in Waltham Forest.

The Data comes from the London Borough of Waltham Forest  Air Quality Annual Status Report for 2019 (Date of publication: 28 May 2020)

The LTN areas are defined. The Purple areas are the 2020 Additions, the Brown, Yellow and Green areas are the original LTN areas that started to be implemented from 2015.

Take a look at the readings from within the LTN areas and compare with other areas within Waltham Forest. Also take note of the Perimeter roads and see where the the highest readings are and where they have not decreased….