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Research & Analysis

Mileage Analysis

When the ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods were first introduced a desktop analysis of the effect on road mileage was undertook.

The analysis of LTN 21 (Midhurst) identified that the effect of the closures as reducing resident driven mileage inside the LTN area by 59%, but upping the mileage on boundary roads by 187%, with an overall 52% increase.

Pollution Analysis (CO2)

To expand the mileage analysis further key changes were made in that rather than percentages, the new analysis gives mileage which permits estimates of fuel motoring hours, CO2 emissions and air pollution within the LTN area and on boundary roads.

Pollution Inequality

Who is impacted by the LTNs?

Facts and Information

Some fact around LTNs ‘Mini Hollands’ schemes

LTN21 Congestion & Pollution Report

Some information regarding the congestion generated by LTN21 and its relationship to NOX & PM2.5 levels

Ealing & Hounslow Interactive Map

An interactive map with Ealing & Hounslow’s NO2 Diffusion Tube and Automatic Monitoring Sites. Data comes from the  London Borough of Ealing’s ‘Air Quality Annual Status Report’ for 2019 (Date of publication: 29 May 2020) & Hounslow’s report of the same name.

There is also Traffic Data from the Department of Transport and the locations of TfLs ‘SCOOT’ Traffic management system.