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How to Object

This will be a long haul.  The Council are relying on people giving up, or becoming confused by smoke and mirrors (there has already been at least one change of feedback email address).

Be persistent – let’s not give up before some key events (for example, there may be a Council survey in December)

Be effective – it is fine to share frustrations but the actions that count most, will be listed below.  We need to be focussed

Be specific – We are One Ealing and oppose all the LTNs, but they are each brought in by individual legal Order. Don’t give the Council a loophole: clearly name each LTN and blocked road that you are objecting to, every time you write.

Objection Methods

It’s paramount that if you object to the LTNs that you make your feelings known to Ealing Council along with any feedback you have about how the scheme is affecting you.

Here are some options,


Commonplace is an online feedback tool is being used by the Council to gather views on the LTN schemes during their trial period:

Access it via this web address:

Via Email

For the subject of the email use the text “My objection to the Ealing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods”.

Make the body of your email personal, detail how the LTN does not work for you and your neighbours. 

If your feedback is about a specific LTN then include its name, see here for the LTN trials that are running.

Keep doing this as the LTN as it is important to let the council know your opinion.

Make sure you include your full name and address.

Send your email to Ealing Council and its officers:


Find your Ward Councllors here: