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Ealing & Hounslow Interactive Map

Here is a collection of data from a number of sources. 

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The Department of transport traffic data comes from here for Ealing: Road traffic statistics – Local authority: Ealing ( and here for Hounslow:

This is the annual average daily flow data which gives information on the type of vehicle traffic and total traffic.

The ‘Scoot sites’ show the locations of TfL’s traffic lights using the ‘SCOOT’, or Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique. This a method of traffic signal control where vehicles are detected as they approach the junction. This detection is fed into a central system, which models the flow of traffic in the area and is used to adapt the phasing of the traffic light signals in accordance with traffic flows. As well as controlling flow, there is data collected on flow of traffic and also congestion.

The map shows the location of these sites and the ‘Site ID’. The Data is available though ‘FOI’ from TfL. If there are any specific locations you would like to see data for on the map please contact us. 

An example of flow and congestion trends are shown below.

The NO2 Diffusion tube data come from Ealing Councils 2019 ‘Air Quality Status Report’ and Hounslows 2019 Air Quality Status report

The data shows the location of the diffusion tubes and also annual mean figures, some dating back to 2012. At present the trend graphs are only for around the LTN areas but the data is there for viewing. Click on the green ‘Flask’ icons for information.

. Please contact us if you would like to see other trends plotted for your area.

The Ealing LTN areas are also defined as well as the modal filter locations.

More information will be added in the future.

The Data will be amended as and when it becomes available. Please let us know if there are any discrepancies in the data shown.

In the mean time ‘Click Away’!