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Who are we?

We are local cyclists, drivers, walkers, residents, traders and public sector workers, who are organising ourselves to shine a light on the Council’s decision-making and ensure that no resident’s views is excluded. Our concerns are:

Impact.  Ealing Council’s plans will drastically affect the lives of those who live and work in and around the LTNs, including people who have legitimate access road needs for work or family reasons; local businesses and self-employed people; and those who are not physically able to walk or cycle. 

Health.  All who live, work or go to school on our narrow main roads, lined by homes, businesses and schools will be affected by increased noise and pollution, projected rise by 180%.  Emissions do not respect bollards, and will affect all residents.

Public safety.  The scheme uses planters and collapsible bollards to obstruct roads.  The Council have repeatedly claimed the emergency services have been consulted, but in practice there has been no detailed information or preparation, and duty crews have found that planters are too narrowly spaced to allow emergency vehicles through.

Inclusivity. One Ealing supports cycling, but we believe the extremist vision of a cycling-led city has flaws and is discriminatory to those with diverse needs and background.  People deserve an honest discussion and participation in what happens to their home streets.

Democracy. We believe that an ethical Council should listen to residents’ concerns rather than using emergency laws and loopholes to justify bypassing them.  The Council has already been dishonest and inconsistent, on the one hand trying to dismiss a recognised petition of 9500 people while taking account of a 400-person cycling survey .  Council leader Julian Bell has admitted in public that his strategy is to enforce the changes despite opposition, on the assumption that people will stop objecting by the six month review limit.  We need to use every means to prove him wrong.